Using this application I accept the terms of the present license agreement https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.englishclub.readdo


READDO is designed to view audio content now and video content (program information) in future. The contents of READDO are aimed at the English language study. The Application is provided “as is” and does not include changing, addition, outside usage or unusual implementation by the users. The Application is not recommended to be used by children without parents. It is not recommended to be used by children under 16 (16+). Please, note that the Application is aimed at the process of study only and is not supposed to have any other value. To support and develop a free version of the Application, commercial is provided. If commercial interferes with the Application use, you can contribute to the development of READDO and use the Premium version of the Application without commercial and containing special services, which are to be added as far as the Project is developing. Using the Application READDO, you automatically accept the terms of its use. If any terms are not clear to you or cannot be accepted, you commit yourself to stop using the Application immediately and inform us of the reasons sending a letter to customer.support@english-club.tvIf your questions remain unsettled during 15 (fifteen) days after your appeal and you do not change your point of view, you commit yourself not to use the Application any longer. If you have any suggestions to improve the Application or you find a mistake, write to customer.support@english-club.tvIf you observe any misuse of the Application, its wrongful use or any other violation of rights, write to customer.support@english-club.tvThe questions of general character can be sent to customer.support@english-club.tv 

Confidentiality Policy of READDO Software

This Confidential Policy regulates the procedures of processing and use of personal data by the Application Administration. Using READDO, the User expresses the consent to collecting, processing and use of his/her personal data by the Application Administration. If the User does not agree on the terms of the present Confidential Policy, the User commits him/herself to stop using the Application immediately.

1. Basic Terms and Notions

“User” – a natural person possessing full legal capacity, who joins this Agreement in his/her own interest. “Application” – an Internet program placed on the Internet. “Agreement” – the present agreement with all its supplements and changes.

2. Personal Data Collecting and Processing

The Administration collects and processes the following personal data of the User:
  • E-mail address
  • IP address
  • Cookies files information
  • Other information
The Administration is intended to protect personal data of the User and resorts to the use of modern technologies for safe information storage. The Administration does not sell or transfer personal data of the User to a third party without his/her consent for it, except for the cases established by international law or legislation of the territory of distribution and use.

3. The Use of Personal Data

The Administration is allowed to use personal data in the following cases:
    • to identify the User
    • to provide the User with services
    • to process the User’s payments
    • to send advertising and informational materials via e-mail
    • to process the User’s requests
to improve the quality of the services and materials that are produced

4. Personal Data Change

The User can change the personal data in his/her personal cabinet. The User guarantees that his/her personal data are credible and do not belong to those of a third party.

5. Liability Limitation

The Administration makes every effort to comply with the Confidentiality Policy, however, we cannot guarantee the personal data safety in cases influenced by the factors beyond our control, that may result in disclosure of information. READDO Application and all the information published and connected with it are presented “as is” without any guarantee. We are not responsible for any adverse consequences as well as any losses caused by the restriction of access to the Application _____ or any consequences due to the use of READDO or its published materials.