Key Jay. Friends and English lessons in your pocket!

English Club TV is not only a channel! For more than 7 years we are trying to follow the changing era and bring you up-to-date and useful products. This winter the first addition of Key Jay mobile messenger was launched. The application was designed to help you find friends from all over the world according to your interests as well as to learn English or any other foreign language. Key Jay is free to download.


What you’ll get with Key Jay Messenger?


Meet buddies from all over the world

Invite your best friends to join the conversation in Key Jay with one click and look for new ones!  The smart search will find people whose interests fit yours. Edit your profile to get more friends or edit search details to connect people with particular interests just like you.


Unlimited communication on public pages

You can easily create a new public page to communicate with lots of people in one moment! Discuss the latest news, hobbies and your latest plans with those, who share your interests.


Comfort of texting

Key Jay has got all the traditional messenger features: text, photos and file exchange, group chat and stickers. Coloured replies help to understand each other quickly.


And that’s far from being all! A fresh Key Jay update is coming soon! The new volume will help you learn English in English Club Mode on an A, B or C level. Also you’ll find an all new collection of funny stickers. They will help make the conversation between old and new friends even more dynamic. But the real discovery of the new Key Jay is the grammar mode. It gives you the chance to avoid mistakes in your messages. The linguistic assistant will give you a cue to which phrases and words are better to use in order to answer your friend. Follow the news!


Get the application for free…