Content Harvest: English Club TV to present its best edutainment programmes at MIPCOM 2019

Tuesday, 08 October 2019

English Club TV Group will attend MIPCOM, the world’s biggest autumn content market, to present its best edutainment shows for the whole family. The market will be held, per tradition, in Cannes, from 14-17 October. In addition to programme updates, the English Club TV Team will be happy to discuss various methods of content monetization that provide instant motivation and inspiration to the viewers.

Following its teaching concept of combining education with leisure, the English Club TV Team released its new ‘Film Set’ programme. This programme was specifically developed for the Entertainment slot of the channel for viewers to learn English while enjoying their favourite movies. ‘In this programme you will watch some of the finest films from all over the world. In addition, you will learn some fun trivia about each movie and test your language skills in a more informal way,’ said Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group. ‘Comedy, drama, romance, thriller, sci-fi and so on – each viewer will find what he loves to perfect his English skills. Moreover, it is much more exciting to learn English when it is taught by Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Meg Ryan, Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche and even Jackie Chan!’

‘This Day’ is another entertaining show from English Club TV that takes you back in history. The programme relives the biggest events in sports, entertainment, inventions, politics, and social life. You will have the opportunity to find out about the most notable birthdays, fateful disasters and unusual holidays as well as learn some new vocabulary. ‘It is a unique project, as it may be useful either as a part of English learning programming or just a daily show for those who are keen on history. Now we have a whole cycle of 366 episodes with interesting facts on every day.’

‘Learners from all over the world will enjoy the beautiful bouquet of our fresh content for any level and taste. For example, our new programme for Elementary learners, ‘Jack Of All Trades’ will widen your vocabulary for jobs and professions. Covering a number of areas, the series will help you better communicate in a variety of situations, whether you are going to try out a new hairstyle, visit a dentist or buy a bunch of flowers…’

More advanced learners will further perfect their English with ‘English in Focus’, the interactive guide to English words and expressions that are often misused. Kids will have new music adventures with Smiley, Lucky, Cutie and Smartie, the cute aliens from ‘Okey-Dokey’, and do even more scientific experiments with Marvel in the secret laboratory of ‘Magic Science’!

Enjoy the new autumn season with the best English learning content from English Club TV! It’s content harvest time!

To become familiar with English Club TV content portfolio, please visit our Vimeo page or contact our marketing department. To learn more about the English Club TV Channel, please go here.

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