English Club TV celebrates 15 years!

Thursday, 01 June 2023

News for all lovers of learning English! The English Club TV channel is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary!

Over the past 15 years, English Club TV has attracted millions of viewers from all over the world by helping them improve their English language skills. The channel offers a wide variety of educational programs that help viewers improve their skills in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and other aspects of the language.

The fifteenth anniversary celebration will be accompanied by the launch of new programs and special editions that will provide viewers with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in English culture and expand their knowledge of the language.

“We are proud to have been able to help millions of people around the world improve their English language skills in these 15 years,” said Andrew Semchenko, the CEO of English Club TV. “We are excited to celebrate this milestone moment and continue to create quality educational programs for our viewers.”

English Club TV invites everyone to join the celebration and enjoy the new programs that will be presented in honor of the channel’s fifteenth anniversary.