English Club TV Channel To Be Localized For Asia-pacific Region

Thursday, 04 July 2013

Starting December 19, 2013, English Club TV Asia will be accessible to the Asia-Pacific Region through MEASAT 3A satellite. Andrew Semchenko, CEO of English Club TV Group, stated: “Our researchers have investigated ways of improving language teaching and lessons provided to learners in the Asian region via the English Club TV Channel. The most important features of English Club TV Asia are its selective content, developed specially for Asian audiences, and the possibility of subtitling programing in Mandarin and Bahasa. We are confident that such innovations will make the process of learning English more efficient, simple and entertaining. We are excited to be engaged in improving English language learning in Asia. We hope that learning English via the English Club TV channel and its edutainment content will have a very constructive influence on the lives of our future viewers.” Yulia Neyman, CMO of English Club TV Group, also commented on the news: “According to reports, 350 million people speak English for various purposes in Asia, a number that is close to the combined populations of the United States and Great Britain, where English is the native tongue for most citizens. Hence for English language teaching in Asia, we have taken a more realistic look at ‘what’ is being taught and studied, ‘where’ the teaching and studying is taking place, and ‘who’ is involved in the teaching and studying. Our goal is to develop a common framework for teaching English in Asia where the language increasingly serves as a ‘lingua franca’ between various countries in government, education, and business.”

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