English Club TV Channel Will Appear In African Continent Soon

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Technical receiving characteristics: Satellite: Amos 5 (17.0°E) Transponder: KU 3 Frequency: 12335 MHz Polarization vertical: V Symbol rate: 27.5 Msymb/s FEC: ¾ Modulation: DVBS Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: MPEG 2 ECTV NETWORK LIMITED, a partner of English Club TV Ltd., distributes the English Club TV Channel in more than 94 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. English Club TV programs are developed for viewers and listeners who have different levels of English. Language learning technology is patented, and all rights are reserved.English Club TV is an educational channel for those who study English. All programs have been developed by experienced methodologists and have an educational aspect, which helps to combine education and entertainment. Moreover, programs are divided into different levels and topics, which help viewers to enlarge their vocabulary with new words from different areas of life and therefore can feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. For more information visit: www.english-club.tv