English Club TV Enters into a Strategic Partnership with 929 Marketing

Tuesday, 19 December 2023

English Club TV, a leading provider of educational English language content, is happy to announce the signing of a groundbreaking agreement with 929 Marketing, a dynamic marketing agency renowned for its innovative approach and global reach.

This strategic partnership promises an important step for both entities, as it brings together English Club TV’s expertise in delivering top-tier English language learning content with 929 Marketing’s prowess in creating impactful marketing strategies. The collaboration is set to elevate the presence of English Club TV in key markets of Latin America and enhance the accessibility of its educational programs to a broader audience.

Under the terms of the agreement, English Club TV and 929 Marketing will engage in joint initiatives, leveraging their respective strengths to develop and implement comprehensive marketing campaigns. This collaboration aims to amplify the visibility of English Club TV’s educational offerings, fostering greater engagement with language learners of Latin America.

“We are delighted to embark on this exciting journey with 929 Marketing,” said Yulia Golubeva, LATAM Regional Director at English Club TV. “Their innovative marketing strategies align perfectly with our mission to make quality English language education accessible to learners around the globe. Together, we look forward to reaching new heights and empowering people to achieve their language learning goals.”

This collaboration signifies a commitment to advancing English language education on a global scale, with both English Club TV and 929 Marketing poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of language learning and content delivery.

About English Club TV:
English Club TV Group is a global leader of production and distribution educational channels for English language learning that deliver engaging English language learning content to viewers around the world. With a diverse range of programs catering to learners of all ages and proficiency levels, English Club TV is dedicated to making language learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective. English Club TV Group operates under the brands English Club TV, TinyTeen, LingoToons, LangLab, English Club TV Global, lab.english-club.tv, english-club.tv.

About 929 Marketing:
929 Marketing is a forward-thinking marketing agency renowned for its innovative and impactful strategies. With a global reach, 929 Marketing specializes in creating dynamic campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, driving brand awareness and engagement across various industries.

For more information about English Club TV, please visit https://english-club.tv/.