English Club TV for Kids!

Monday, 27 June 2022

Learning English is the best way for kids to broaden horizons. With the help of the English language, children improve their communication skills, expend their knowledge of different cultures and also develop comprehensively.

In Europe, almost 80% of kids learn English from primary school, and in Asia, according to a survey conducted by the Beijing Research Institute of Education in the XXI century, 70% of parents want their children to learn this language to be able to enter prestigious universities.

Children, immersed in the world of English from an early age, learn the features of foreign cultural heritage, gain access to a huge information space, an opportunity to more fully develop attention, memory, figurative thinking, imagination.

English Club TV Channel has educational programmes for kids of all ages, for different levels and topics. In addition, English Club TV is crammed with well-organised episodes. Focusing on learning English kids sharpen their abstract thinking abilities, increase their word power and become more productive, both in the English language and daily activities. Concentrating on what little learners are fond of, we bring in a series of world-class programs dedicated to improving kids’ English language.

For example, ‘Okey-Dokey’ is an enjoyable and engaging music show for kids aged 3-9. Together with our cute aliens, your child will pick up some basic vocabulary and have fun singing and listening to elementary English songs. On the other hand, ‘Art Land’ is a programme that helps children enlarge their vocabulary with basic words and expressions, improve their listening skills and develop their creativity.

Watching English Club TV’s programmes every day for only 15 minutes, children will learn 25 new words and phrases in different topics.