English Club TV Global for Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

English Club TV Ltd (UK) operated global television channel called English Club TV channel and Asia Marketing Solutions (Malasiya) company present special adapted educational resource for Asia – English Club TV Global web service and Android application for English language learning fans.

New web platform and app became available for subscribers of 3 telcos, Dialog (Indonesia), XL (Sri Lanka) and Smart (Cambodia) by prepaid since the start of January 2020. The users can get an easy and fast online access to the television content and learning materials of English Club TV service by portable gadgets and PC anytime and anyplace improving and learning English language with tutor, on their own or in their circle of the families.

English proficiency improves the quality of international communication. It opens new opportunities for business and better world wide presentation of unique local cultures. That makes English highly important to constantly developing Asia countries. 

Our programmes are made for every skills and needs – for beginners, for business, for trips, for entertainment. We even have special block for kids. Therefore, everyone will definitely find something useful and interesting. In the near future is planned to provide English Club TV Global to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Bangladesh.

Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group:

“Smartphone’s screen gets more and more attention though television households nowadays. Thanks to this collaboration, more and more new users will appreciate the easiness and effectiveness of learning English language with English Club TV services. It is our new strategy to use new technologies and make our services more useful and easily accessible for our clients. ”

The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education, and distribution companies that operates in the field of English language education and art, developing innovative edutainment products for viewers all around the world.

English Club TV Group operates under the brands of: English Club TV SD channel, English Club TV HD channel, English Club Corp app and English Club Global app having more than 30 millions subscribers worldwide and 1,3 millions followers at facebook.