English Club TV Group Expands Its Representation In Asia

Monday, 03 June 2013

As previously reported, from November 1, 2012, the English Club TV channel is available for viewers in Asia through MEASAT 3A satellite, as well as, through DTH platforms, IP connection, mobile, OTT and IPTV networks. Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group, says: “It’s indicative that approx. 50% of companies in Asia take a candidate’s English skill level into consideration in job applications. We are positive that teaching English via ECTV and its edutainment content will help increase the number of opportunities for viewers from China, Japan and South Korea. We are very pleased to have started cooperating with AK Entertainment. Together we are making the teaching of the English language easily accessible for our future viewers.” AK Entertainment, President Andrew (Ji-YONG) Kim, states: “I’m delighted to launch the partnership with ECTV. AK Entertainment has distributed ECTV Mobile VOD to “Learning Hub” of Samsung Electronics and the number of ECTV service countries is on the way up to 16 countries(China, Brazil, Germany and so on). Also, launch of ECTV VOD service on GLOVEDUNET (Web TV Platform of AK Entertainment) in South Korea, China and Japan is immediate. Furthermore, ECTV VOD delivery on No.1 online open market (YES24) in South Korea, IPTV and Smart TV is immediate. I believe this partnership will facilitate global distribution of ECTV VOD in line with the era of new media industry in South Korea.” ECTV Network is a part of English Club TV Group. The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education and distribution companies that operates worldwide in the field of English language teaching under the brands of “ENGLISH CLUB TV” and “ECTV”. English Club TV is an educational channel for those who study English. All programs have been developed by experienced methodologists and have an educational aspect. English Club TV HD is the high definition simulcast of the English Club TV channel. English Club TV HD was launched in January 2013. The web site (www.english-club.tv) is a web service for fans of the English language and fans of English Club TV content worldwide that provides its on-line service of the English language learning under the brand of “ENGLISH CLUB TV On-The-Go” in 74 countries worldwide.

AK Entertainment is one of the top distributer in Korea. AK Entertainment exports Korean drama, movie, documentary, music program, animation, and new media contents (VOD, Mobile, and DMB) to Japan, China and Eastern Asia. The strong point of the company is manpower specialized and much-experienced in entertainment business, which is ready to meet the needs of domestic and international clients. As a reliable and credible partner, AK Entertainment will create a model of ‘win-win’ content business.