English Club TV Has Come To Sri Lanka

Wednesday, 01 July 2015

On July 01, 2015 ECTV NETWORK LIMITED and LANKA BROADBAND NETWORKS (LBN) signed an agreement to broadcast the English Club TV channel in Sri Lanka. Since then the unique educational channel English Club TV has been available to more than 10,000 TV viewers in Sri Lanka, to support them while learning English.

Talking about the new partnership, Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group, announced:

“We have made it our main effort to provide English language learning opportunities all over the world. Sri Lanka is one of our new markets in the Asia-Pacific region and we hope that our educational and entertainment channel will become a popular tool for learning English there. We also believe that the broadcasting of our channel will be useful for hundreds of people saving their time as well as money for English classes. ECTV will make studying English more affordable and easier”.


ECTV Network is a part of English Club TV Group. The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education and distribution companies that operates worldwide in the field of English language teaching under the brands of “ENGLISH CLUB TV” and “ECTV”. English Club TV is an educational channel for those who study English. It is broadcast in more than 94 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. For more information please visit our website http://english-club.tv/news/.

Lanka Broadband Networks (LBN) is a Sri Lanka’s leading cable TV source. It is broadcasting 15 foreign language channels and has about 10, 000 subscribers.