English Club TV is launching on Sri Lanka Telecom

Tuesday, 08 August 2023

English Club TV LTD, a leading provider of educational and entertainment content, is excited to announce the launch of the English Club TV channel on Sri Lanka Telecom, one of the country’s premier telecommunications providers. This collaboration brings an exceptional opportunity for Sri Lankan viewers to immerse themselves in a world of language learning and captivating entertainment.

The English Club TV channel offers a diverse range of high-quality content, tailored to meet the language learning needs of learners of all ages and proficiency levels. Whether you are a beginner seeking to improve your English communication skills or an advanced speaker looking to enhance your fluency, English Club TV has something for everyone. “We are thrilled to partner with Sri Lanka Telecom to introduce the English Club TV channel to viewers in Sri Lanka,” said Andrew Semchenko, CEO of English Club TV. “This collaboration not only aims to provide educational value to the audience but also serves as a gateway to explore diverse cultures and entertainment through English-language programming.”

Through its engaging and interactive programming, English Club TV offers a seamless learning experience for viewers, encompassing language learning courses, documentaries, travel shows, interviews, and captivating series and movies. The channel’s unique blend of education and entertainment ensures an immersive and enjoyable language learning journey for the viewers.

The English Club TV channel is already available to Sri Lanka Telecom subscribers.

About English Club TV:
English Club TV LTD is a global provider of educational and entertainment content, dedicated to offering enriching experiences to audiences worldwide. With a vast portfolio of language learning platforms and entertainment channels, we strive to empower individuals to achieve their learning goals and enjoy diverse cultural experiences. English Club TV produces new channels – TinyTeen, The Reader, LingoToon, Language Lab.

About Sri Lanka Telecom:
Sri Lanka Telecom is the national telecommunications services provider in Sri Lanka, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer experiences. With an extensive network and a dedication to innovation, Sri Lanka Telecom continues to shape the digital landscape of the country.

For more information, visit https://english-club.tv/.