English Club TV Showcases Exciting New Channels at MIPCOM Cannes 2023 CANNES

Friday, 13 October 2023

TinyTeen TV Channel:
The channel offers a unique opportunity to learn the English language through interesting and captivating programs designed specifically for preschoolers and young elementary school students.

LangLab TV Channel:
The channel is specifically designed to help you quickly and effectively grasp the grammatical and lexical nuances of the language.

LingoToons TV Channel:
The channel offers a multitude of English dialogues that will not only help to enhance grammar and vocabulary but also teach viewers how to speak English in everyday life.

English Club TV Group, a leading provider of English language education and entertainment, is proud to announce its presence at MIPCOM Cannes 2023. This year, the company is set to dazzle attendees with the introduction of brand new channels that promise to revolutionize the way the world learns and enjoys the English language.

English Club TV will reveal its latest channel lineup, featuring a diverse range of content catering to learners of all ages and proficiency levels. With a strong focus on educational programming, entertainment, and cultural insights, these new channels are set to captivate audiences worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to present our latest channels at MIPCOM Cannes 2023,” said Andrew Semchenko, CEO of English Club TV. “Our mission has always been to make English language learning engaging and accessible. Now our viewers are able to sharpen their skills with a new television channel selecting among reading, speaking and vocabulary and grammar improving. Such an approach provides the opportunity to be focused and to speed the process of reaching the goals in terms of English language learning, not forgetting about the entertainment features of the content on the channels. These new additions will provide a unique and enjoyable way for individuals to immerse themselves in English, whether for educational or entertainment purposes.”

Visit the English Club TV booth at MIPCOM Cannes 2023 to get an exclusive look at these groundbreaking channels and learn more about the exciting future of English language learning and entertainment. For media inquiries or to schedule a meeting with English Club TV representatives at MIPCOM, please contact Ms Luisa Brendel, Regional Director of English Club TV Group: distribution@english-club.tv

About English Club TV Group:
English Club TV Group is a global leader of production and distribution educational channels for ENglish language learning that deliver engaging English language learning content to viewers around the world. With a diverse range of programs catering to learners of all ages and proficiency levels, English Club TV is dedicated to making language learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective. English Club TV Group operates under the brands English Club TV, TinyTeen, LingoToons, LangLab, English Club TV Global, lab.english-club.tv, english-club.tv.

For more information about English Club TV, please visit https://english-club.tv/.