English Club TV unites the world online!

Thursday, 04 June 2020

The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education, and distribution companies that operates for more than 12 years in the field of English language training and art. It develops innovative edutainment products for viewers all around the world. The most famous brand of the Group is the English Club TV channel that covers almost 100 countries worldwide broadcasting unique educational and edutainment content which helps learn English and have fun.

In November 2018, The English Club Tv Group in cooperation with Stormcast Cinema launched one of first its apps called English Club Plus for Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire platforms. It’s very popular in countries where such platforms are developed: the USA, Mexico, Argentina, and others. English TV plus provides an easy way to learn English in the living room or on the go. It targets learners at the Beginner to Advanced levels with sections on Business English and Grammar.

In May 2019, a rebranded B2C online web platform called Language Lab was launched. Now viewers around the world can watch full seasons of all programmes and stream English Club TV just by visiting the website https://lab.english-club.tv and subscribing. Or you can download a mobile app called English Club Global for Android and iOs.

The TOP-3 of the most popular projects among users of Language Lab worldwide are:

Grammar Wise that helps to avoid grammar mistakes, Basic Lexis for rapid vocabulary boost and Say it right! for those who want to improve their pronunciation.

Also, the newest project All About is rapidly gaining popularity. The programme has interesting short facts on various topics

In June 2019, we developed a web platform and an Android app for corporate usage called English Club Corp https://englishclubcorp.com.

It`s a unique educational solution for both corporate clients and educational organizations. English Club Corp helps to master the most popular language in the world and motivates non-stop self-development enhancing the personal and professional success of its clients. English Club Corp has a Personal account function where users can control and adjust their learning process. The advantage of a Personal account is that not only the employee but also their chief can track the progress of classes. This allows them to monitor an individual training programme for each employee and see the real benefit of all the activities for the corporation.

You can use English Club Corp on the web site or with the help of an app for Android portable devices.

In January 2020, the English Club TV Group and Asia Marketing Solutions (Malaysia) company presented a special adapted educational resource for Asia, English Club TV Global https://english-tv.club

The web platform and the app became available for subscribers of 3 telcos, Dialog (Indonesia), XL (Sri Lanka), and Smart (Cambodia) by a prepayment. Its users got easy and fast online access to the television content and learning materials of the English Club TV service with the help of portable gadgets and PC. They can use it anywhere and at any time improving and learning the English language with a tutor, on their own, or with their families.

And now, our new special platform for Asia is coming in summer 2020! English Club Today will be launched in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. It will open new opportunities for telcos subscribers in all those countries to learn English with English Club TV. Easy, effective, and comfortable.