Fill Free With English Club TV

Monday, 18 August 2014

According to the well-known EFI Index, which rates English proficiency, France is 35th out of 60 countries and trails in Europe. “This means that more people in France need to improve their English”, says Andrew Semchenko, the CEO at English Club TV Group.

Before the launch almost 25% of requests we received from France via our help desk were from subscribers of Free who wanted to watch English Club TV on their network. And now they are able to watch it.

English Club TV is available by individual subscription through Freebox TV on channel 134.

This autumn we started our new television season. We are excited that our channel with its high-quality educational shows, such as English 911, City Grammar, Speak Up, Perfect English, English Up, Worth Seeing and the kids module, will help even more people to learn English. Easy to start. Simple to Learn.


The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education and distribution companies that operates worldwide in the field of English language teaching under the brands of ENGLISH CLUB TV and ECTV. The English Club TV channel is covering European, Asian and Africa continents. English Club TV HD is the high definition simulcast of the English Club TV channel. English Club TV HD was launched in November 2012. The web site (www.english-club.tv) is a web service for fans of the English language and fans of English Club TV channels worldwide that provides its on-line service of the English language learning in 74 countries worldwide. English Club TV is an educational channel for those who study English. All programs have been developed by experienced methodologists and have an educational aspect, which helps to combine education and entertainment. Moreover, programs are divided into different levels and topics, which help viewers to enlarge their vocabulary with new words from different areas of life and therefore can feel comfortable in an English speaking environment. English Club TV is distributed in France by GORSE & Co. For more information visit www.english-club.tvFreebox offering and television service available subject to eligibility, subscription to the Freebox TV option(€1.99/month). For full terms and conditions visit www.free.fr. GORSE & Co is in charge of the worldwide distribution of TV Channels such as English Club TV and English Club TV HD (ECTV) Eurochannel, GONG Media, MotorVision, Xite, RCK TV, JukeBox, RLX TV, DELUXE Music HD, Times Now, ET Now, ZoOm (Times Group), Canal de las Estrellas, TL Novelas, Ritmoson, Telehit, De Pelicula, Clasico TV, (Televisa Group), TLN (Televisa),, OITO etc. in France, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The main company’s mission consists in increasing the worldwide distribution of TV channels with IPTV, Mobile, Cable, and Satellite operators, in helping them to manage the development of their contents, in increasing their subscribers bases and in maximizing their revenues.