How to motivate yourself to learn and to improve English?

Monday, 24 October 2022

Nowadays mastering English has become essential for our lives. Those who speak English are at a clear advantage compared to a person who doesn’t speak this language. Learning English is a wonderful experience: you discover a new culture, a new way of expressing yourself with new vocabulary and a set of grammatical rules.

The world is increasingly dynamic and competitive, and having an excellent command of the English language offers you more perspectives. But, it is well-known that motivation is the most crucial aspect, especially if it concerns language skills. So how do you motivate yourself?

Here are some of tips that can help you achieve this goal:

1. Set your goals. Great goals are great motivators. Think globally – what is your final purpose? Travel? Find a new good job? Make new friends? Imagine the need to complete a task in the form of stairs to achieve the main destination. Such programmes as Worth seeing, Spot on the Map, What Did They Say and so on help to expand the horizons and mind.

2. Make a deal with yourself. As a general rule, it helps to achieve any goal. Be the best partner for yourself. It shouldn’t be a big goal for the first time, for example, to watch English Club TV for only 15 minutes a day and it will be enough to improve your English efficiently.

3. Have fun. You can reveal something funny and fascinating in every little thing you do. Try to enjoy doing it. Positive emotions are the best motivators. Watch edutaining programmes on English Club TV Channel. For example, “Film Set” is a programme about films with elements of teaching.

4. Reward yourself. Even if you have a lot to do, take a break for some time to do what you like. It will make you optimistic and increase the quality of your life. And this, of course, motivates you to achieve success. After good studying, have a good time by watching popular movies on English club TV like “The Age of Adaline”, “ The Spy Who Dumped Me”, “​​Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” etc.

5. Career. Remember that a good command of English will give you access to promotions and a greater work place. English is the language of business, therefore, explain to yourself that you should know about it and improve it. Watching business programmes on English Club TV like Business Words or Language of Business help you to be more qualified in this area.