Now English Club TV Has Representative In Bulgaria

Friday, 07 September 2012

As previously reported, in the summer of 2011 were signed several important agreements about distribution of English Club TV channel in Georgia and the Baltic countries. Virgin Group LTD CEO, Ivaylo Ivanov, noted: “In spite of the fact that our company is young and has only been active since February 2010, we are the official representative in the Balkans of such global giants as “Digital World Television” and “Nickelodeon”. Also, “Virgin Group Bulgaria” has signed a partnership agreement with one of the leading music channels “Box”, which is responsible for promoting and popularization of Bulgarian music in the world market. In turn, I want to note that cooperation with English Club TV is one of the perspective directions of development for our company and I am sure English Club TV will enjoy great popularity among the audience, not only in Bulgaria but also in other Balkan countries. Our goal for next twelve months is to deliver the channel in every TV set in Bulgaria”. According to the regional manager for distribution Louise Brendel, signing a contract with LTD “Virgin Group Bulgaria” was another step towards expanding the territory of broadcasting of English Club TV channel. English Club TV LLC, a partner of English Club TV Ltd., has been distributing English Club TV since August 15, 2008. English Club TV programs are developed for viewers and listeners who have different levels of language attainment whilst learning English. All rights reserved. Language learning technology is patented.“Virgin Group Bulgaria Ltd” was established in 2010. The company is the official distributor of such TV channels as “Nickelodeon”, “English Club TV”, and is also a partner of the telecom companies “Digital World Television” Media Group and “Box Television” in the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkan countries.