T-2 Began Broadcasting The English Club TV Channel

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The representative of T-2, Svetlana Manojlović, declares: “T-2 has refreshed and renewed its channels list; viewers will certainly be glad to have English Club TV in this list, because it is a novelty on the Slovenian market and gives an opportunity to learn English 24 hours a day. We are also pleased that we can offer English Club TV to our Slovenian TV subscribers in T-2’s channels list. We believe that the channel will gather its fans in Slovenia.” The Executive Director of the English Club TV Channel, Andrew Semchenko, says: “We are happy to be presented on the Slovenian market which is a part of our strategy. It’s very important for us to give an opportunity for viewers to learn and improve their English language skills. English Club TV is a channel for the whole family; everybody can find something interesting and useful there: watch authentic programs, learn idioms and dialogues as well as enlarge their vocabulary. Our programming target for 2012 is to help children learn English by extending the kids slot with interesting educational content. Thanks to our agent and Slovenian operators, more and more Slovenian viewers have a possibility to watch English Club TV and improve their English language skills. Together we create useful TV and we will continue doing this for our viewers.” Angliyskiy Club LLC, a partner of English Club TV Ltd., distributes the English Club TV channel in CIS countries, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. English Club TV programs are developed for viewers and listeners who have different levels of language knowledge. All rights reserved. Language learning technology is patented.T-2 d.o.o. was established on 15 May 2004 in Maribor. The goal of T-2 d.o.o. is to provide the most up-to-date telecommunication, information and media services for individuals and companies at the lowest prices. T-2 d.o.o. is the only company in Slovenia that provides all these services. T-2 became the first company in Slovenia and one of the first companies worldwide to offer services based on FTTH broadband technology and introduced mobile voice and data communications on the UMTS network.