The English Club TV Channel Comes To Indonesia

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

In talking about the new offering, Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group, said: “Speaking English has become a necessary requirement for international communication and cultural exchange in the modern world. We believe that multilingual citizens are better placed to take advantage of the economic, educational and professional opportunities in Indonesia. Together with Topas TV we are creating a perfect platform for everyone in Indonesia, who eager to be engaged in innovative and truly exciting process of learning the English via English Club TV”. Eko Broto Bramantyo, Director of Marketing and Sales Topas TV, states: “Topas TV extended sincere happiness and appreciation towards English Club TV to provide better ways of learning English through interesting and challenging methods. Approaching with rich interactive lessons and fully atmosphere of language environment would drive learners to overcome the obstacles in learning English. We certainly hope that our cooperation would provide better way of learning English for our customers who spread accross various cities in Indonesia”. Andrew Chin, the official agent of the English Club TV Group in Indonesia, adds: “We are indeed very excited and look forward to working together with Topas TV to bring the unique English Club TV channel to Indonesia, where parents can also take the learning journey together with their children; thus spending quality time as well as reinforcing the bond between families in this technology driven world. Topas TV is well positioned to bring the many benefits of learning and improving English via English Club TV to Indonesians”.

ECTV Network is a part of English Club TV Group. The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education and distribution companies that operates worldwide in the field of English language teaching under the brands of “ENGLISH CLUB TV” and “ECTV”. English Club TV is an educational channel for those who study English. All programs have been developed by experienced methodologists and have an educational aspect. English Club TV HD is the high definition simulcast of the English Club TV channel. English Club TV HD was launched in January 2013. The web site (www.english-club.tv) is a web service for fans of the English language and fans of English Club TV content worldwide that provides its on-line service of the English language learning under the brand of “ECTV On-The-Go” in 74 countries worldwide.