English Club TV Becomes Closer OR TOP-5 Useful Functions of Our Website

Вторник, 19 Сентябрь 2017

Use the updated functions of the English Club TV website. We have made it easier to access all key information and the latest updates to learn about the channel and its advantages in the shortest time. According to statistics, 20% of people decide whether or not to stay on a website by scrolling the main page. That is why our creative team works hard to make our main page and the website in general as interesting, eye-catching and informative as possible.

Besides the general information about English Club TV and English Club TV HD, all visitors of our website will beable to:

  1. discover English Club TV programmes divided into different levels, from A1 to C1. There is a short descriptionfor each series of programmes and a demo episode;
  2. see our latest viewing schedules for Europe, Asia and Latin America;
  3. download our B2B application for Android and iOs;
  4. stay on top of the latest news and upcoming events;
  5. see our satellite details for Astra 4A, Measat 3A and Hispasat 30W-5 which cover Europe, Asia, the Middle East,North and Latin America.

Moreover, each visitor of our website has a unique opportunity to be the first to watch the premiere episodes of our brand-new educational shows by scrolling through the main page.

The English Club TV Group is a group of production, edutainment and distribution companies that operates worldwide in the field of English language education. The English Club TV Group is a family of brands such as the educational channels English Club TV, English Club TV HD and the online service English Club TV ON-THE-GO. For more information visit www.english-club.tv

English Club TV is a unique educational channel for those who want to learn and improve their English. The EnglishClub TV Channel is available via Astra4A, Measat3A and Hispasat 30W-5 satellites which cover the European, Asian,African, North and South America continents. Every day more than 30 000 000 subscribers of more than 400 operatorswatch English Club TV in 99 countries around the world. English Club TV content is available through OTT, VOD, DTH,IPTV and mobile platforms.