English Club TV is celebrating its 12th anniversary!

Вторник, 25 Август 2020

The channel was launched in 2008, and today, it brings together more than 20,000,000 viewers from all over the world!

Today English Club TV is not only a TV channel but also a user-friendly app for your smartphones and web-platforms adapted for users from different countries.

Dozens of hours of new content have been created for you by our production team: educational, traveling, business, cooking, popular science and a special kid`s block. Learning English with English Club TV is easy, effective, and fun!

We are always looking for new perspectives. And after 12 years we still inspire our viewers to learn and improve their English by creating a new block of programs for self-improvement.

We are taking care of our viewers and do our best to be in step with the times. Everything for your success and your self-realization.

Become better every day with English Club TV.

Stay tuned!

Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group:

English Club TV always operated in both fields of education and television. 

Creating a television channel we are always thinking about our viewers, their needs, effectiveness and educational part of the channel. Combination of education and television are now added by technologies. Hence English Club TV now is not only a TV channel, it is also a range of applications and web services distributed worldwide in more than 100 countries. There are services allocated on different platforms in different forms and outlines that help to learn English language, entertain and support viewers development.  

Starting with the channel in era of betacams and CDs we are providing now exciting products on Android and iOS platforms, products of English Club TV are accessible on different devices and for any person of the globe, as well as via the number of cable, IPTV, mobile and satellite operators. We are glad to offer our exclusive content and  programming with constant extension of titles and series. We are happy to create and distribute useful and practical products under umbrella of English Club TV brand during 12 years.”

The English Club TV Group is a group of production, education, and distribution companies that operates in the field of English language education and art, developing innovative edutainment products for viewers all around the world.

English Club TV Group operates under the brands of: English Club TV SD channel, English Club TV HD channel, English Club Corp app and English Club Global app having more than 30 millions subscribers worldwide and 1,3 millions followers at Facebook.