Meet new programme on English Club TV

Saturday, 24 September 2022

English Club TV brings together English teachers from around the world in a new project called English United. Teachers from all over the world share their skills and knowledge. With this programme your education will improve with each episode. You will learn different topics and improve your communication skills.

New project is opened by the hilarious and creative American teacher and blogger Luke Priddy. This is a new and fresh face on English Club TV.

Luke will introduce us to the intricacies of the American version of the English language, the cultural peculiarities of America and the specific use of the most common expressions in real life. Sometimes he hosts his video himself , and sometimes it’s his amusing avatar.

English United is a unique educational programme for those who want to learn and improve their English. Watching this programme for 15 minutes a day, the viewers will learn new topics such as ‘How to order the subway in English’ or ‘How to get a haircut in English’ in each episode. Learn grammar, spelling, English usage, and have a good and interesting time! The mission is to develop innovative programme to support studying English all over the world and to make our services available for every English learner irrespective of their age, location, ethnic affiliation, social status and level of English. This is an interesting programme that enhances learning. United English inspires our viewers by giving them a unique opportunity to learn English while relaxing and watching TV or YouTube.

It will be launched tomorrow at 5:20 a.m (CET). And you can watch English United every day at 5:20 a.m (CET) and 3:20 p.m (CET). Have a good time watching!