Skills that English learning give us

Saturday, 24 September 2022

Learning foreign languages ​​is a real art. They say that the education of the future is not about subjects at school, it will be possible to master them on your own with the help of the almighty Internet and online courses. The most important will be the skills necessary for successful socialization and work. How can learning English help develop these abilities?

It probably won’t help, but it does. The future in English classrooms is already here. Learning English comes along with the development of communication skills, teamwork, creativity and critical thinking.

They are called “4C skills”: communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking.

English Club TV has various programmes that help develop any skills you want.

For example, “Perfect English” is a series of video lessons designed for those who want to improve their pronunciation so you can speak English like native speakers. To improve your communication skills. This is perhaps the most obvious connection. Modernity dictates to us the need for knowledge of spoken English, and not cramming the rules and tables. You get the opportunity to talk on various topics in the language you are learning, discuss current news, and so on.

Collaboration skills. Research shows that students learn more effectively when then work as part of a team. Such skills are developed during pair work, board games, or common problem solving. You learn to share responsibility, take into account the characteristics of other team members and seek compromises. ‘3Ways2’ is intended to improve your communication skills by mastering different language styles that helps to find a common language in any company.

“Art Land” programme which helps children learn the English language in a creative way. and develop your creativity skills. Creativity is about going beyond, about how to see something new in familiar things. At the same time, English is studied by creating stories, guessing about the end of stories, playing out various situations.

Critical thinking. The ability to think critically in our time, overflowing with information, is almost a determining factor in survival. During the learning of such materials as news articles and excerpts, you will learn to express your opinion, your attitude to the problem. You also have to meet with various problematic situations and solve them. Sometimes even textbook materials help to acquire useful skills for solving problem situations.