Classical Harmony

Classical Harmony is an exclusive art channel presenting the world’s best collection of fine art accompanied by the masterpieces of classical music. Join The Classical Harmony Channel and enjoy unique Ultra HD to see intricate details of paintings that are not seen by the naked eye of museum visitors. Save your time and money visiting world-known galleries and museums without leaving your home. Uplift your mood listening to classical music. Our channel helps you to develop good taste in art, boost imagination and educate you and your children.

Discover the distinct and influential elements of famous paintings by the most outstanding artists, who played their roles in the development of European art.

We create an atmosphere that immerses viewers into a state of total relaxation, with classical music complementing the process. Rather than giving our viewers any superfluous information, we leave them to observe the most outstanding paintings and listen to soft classical music. This way they can fully concentrate on art and not get distracted.

The channel helps to relax and free your mind. The sound and form of the universal beauty is seen harmoniously in the works that the channel represents.