Technical Details

Satellite: MEASAT 3A (SD)

Territories: Asia, Australia, the Middle East, South Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa.

Satellite: HB 91.4 degrees East
Transponder: 11
Reception frequency: 4,120 MHz
Reception polarity: H
Symbol Rate: 30,000 MBaud
FEC: 5/6

Satellite: Astra 4A (HD)

Territories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Russia and the CIS.

Transponder: B2
Frequency: 11747 MHz
Polarization: V
Modulation: 30 Msymb/s
FEC: 3/4
Encryption: Viaccess 4.0
SID: 7690
VPID: 7691
APID: 7693
HD and SD versions are available by IP connection. For more information, please contact us at distribution@english-club.tv.